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In order to provide our guests with the total and complete experience of relaxation and relief from daily stress, our sauna center “Best Sauna” was opened in October, 2007. Our sauna is open 24 hours a day.

Our signature services:

Herbal tea and medicine bath

The Korean Nug-Cha green tea bath is excellent for relieving stress, helping to calm both the body and soul, and for softening the skin.
The medicine used for the bath is made in Korea from raw ingredients to produce a top quality fragrance that is used in treatments that improve blood circulation, relieve stress, that it is used in treatments that improve blood circulation, relieve stress, leave the skin smelling attractively fragrant, and confer on users a wide range of other medical benefits. 

Herbal milk wash

Korean herbal milk contains Vitamin C, hydrocarbon, wheat protein and glycerin, which is used to nourish and soften all skin types and to help achieve a perfect smooth texture. This wash also aids in reducing blood pressure, strengthening the skin and eliminating bacteria. It is usually massaged into the body after a shower or bath and also acts as a great substitute for body wash or soap.

Sea salt wash

A sea salt wash is a general wash used to detox the body, keep your healthy and clean, refresh the skin, and relieve stress and minor skin irritations. The product is made from milk and natural sea salt, a combination of herbal minerals and ancient Chinese herbs. It is preferably used as body scrub.
Note: For those with sensitive skin or skin allergies, or cuts and bruises, this wash is not advised. 

Tanning room

The tanning room is good for light and warmth, and helps one reach the utmost levels of relaxation and calm, and can increase the release of endorphins, leaving one with a superior sense of contentment. UV rays also help the body produce vitamin D, which is necessary for healthy bones and healing scar tissue.

Circulation Shower

A circulation shower is good for skin strength, energizing body cells and improving blood circulation that often used after the sauna.

Dry Sauna

Sauna therapy refers to a small room that heats up to about 160-180 degrees Fahrenheit. Generally, the room is and made of dried, wooden planks and heated through the floor with hot granite rocks. The sauna is a place for people to sit, relax and socialize in a healthy environment. With benefits ranging from alleviating arthritis pain, lowering blood pressure, helping with respiratory disease and clearing up your complexion, sauna therapy is a relaxing way to ease the body and mind.

Hot stone sauna

The hot stone sauna helps to calm the human body and mind, remove bad energy from the body and to provide calcium and natrium. Salt from Pakistani is used for medical purposes and it helps to soften the skin.